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We offer R&D services in scope of project evolution of design development phases. Starting from detailed 3D design, over advanced analysis methods up to study…

(Image: Suzhou Westin Hotel) Scope of this application includes phases of project that can be defined as preliminary concept design, advanced project workup, detail design,…

(Image: Motoman Robotics) We offer services of product production preparation and delivery of machine code in most common applications applied on most standard NC machine…

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Robert Pešut

Mechanical Enginer

Robert is professional mechanical engineer with impressive background in shipbuilding industry. His professional carrier milestone achievements grants Robert high credibility in applied FEM analyses field of structural and mechanical engineering widely applied over extended and impressive range of projects carried under R&D departments of industrial and shipbuilding sector. Robert’s high organizational skills set him as best choice for R&D office chairman in many renowned and industry’s top ranking companies.

Joao Estevens Silva

Naval Engineer

Joao is highly skilled professional with exceptional technical and organizational skills that have been implemented in leading Europe’s companies of marine engineering sector. Joao’s professional assignments have set him as best choice of vital technology upgrade processes that have been carried out as strategic milestones of companies that tend to reach peak efficiency, competence and pedigree of industry’s top ranking renowned companies.

Submersible tidal & global current energy extraction turbine

November 14, 2017

Following global exponential innovation trending on field of renewable energy exploitation devices, this project has specific scope of work bringing advanced and sustainable concept into this design field....

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